Real Estate

It is an initiative in corporate real estate asset management, where the Group's entire real estate has been aggregated under one umbrella.

The highlights of strategy are:

- Focus on business centres - Land bank already present
- Mixed Integrated development - to add value to properties
- Aggressive control over costs
- Build steady annuity income
- Optimum mix of outright sale and leasing

The property business of the group comprises of owner-occupied warehouses, their maintenance, investment properties and the development of existing and new investment and commercial and residential properties.

The group invests in properties that are held in addition to those used by the Group for its business operations. The group portfolio includes prime office space, industrial estates, large warehouse units, large retail shops and residential property.

In order to provide one stop shop service to its customers, the property business maintains strong links with estate agents; surveyors; solicitors and chartered accounts.