Our vision is focused on the awareness of our responsibility towards employees and other people who work for us. This principle translates into policies that encourage professional growth, so that our employees can show their capabilities and contribute to creating value for the company as well as its clients and shareholders. We are also committed to raising awareness about particularly important issues connected to health and safety. We are equally careful to guarantee equal opportunities for all employees irrespective of their sex, race, age, religion, political ideas or nationality. These policies have allowed us through the years to maintain a high level of loyalty and motivation among employees.

Listening and internal communications allow us to know our staff's expectations and help us maintain a dialogue through which we can share common goals. Our operating companies implement this policy by developing intranets, distributing newsletters and organising meetings between employees and their managers. In particular, some of the group companies periodically carry out perception surveys to measure expectations of employees and to collect ideas for better managing human resources.