We will conduct business in a manner that conserves resources and constantly reduces our environmental footprint. We seek continual improvement in our environmental performance by setting, reviewing and updating environmental goals.

We are committed to:

- Managing operations to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe, with emphasis on pollution prevention, and minimizing adverse environmental impacts;

- Identifying and evaluating potential environmental risks and implementing appropriate measures to eliminate or control those risks;

- Developing and implementing measures to ensure sustainable use of materials, resources and energy;

- Promoting and developing awareness, leadership and accountability with respect to environmental protection among all our employees and persons working for us or on our behalf;

- Communicating with our employees, customers, suppliers, the communities in which we operate and public officials to build greater mutual understanding of environmental issues;

- Participating in the development of governmental environment policies based on sound science and sustainable growth principles;

- Supporting research aimed at improving process efficiency and environmental protection measures and applying such knowledge to our product stewardship;

- Conducting independent third party environmental audits to confirm that our management practices meet policy objectives, legislation and the principles of sound management; and reporting to the Board of Directors on the environmental status of our operations.

Our employees share in this responsibility and are accountable for the successful implementation of this policy. Local management is empowered to curtail operations, as necessary, to prevent serious environmental impacts.