By Laws

The bylaw of Gist Group contains a set of standards sourced on the values and principles that rule its activity. It is applicable to all Directors, senior managers and other employees. The Code defines the guidance for ethics and corporate behaviour that is complied with, in the execution of the professional duties and in the selection of partners, service providers and suppliers.


Gist Group conducts its activity in accordance with principles of sustainable development, aiming at the surplus of its contributes to society when faced with the economical value generated by its businesses, and leading to the increase of the surrounding communities' well being, in which it is included.

In its relation with stakeholders, Gist Group adheres to high ethical and integrity standards, consistently acting in accordance with the best practices, whose compliance it promotes and demands from its Directors, senior managers and other employees.

Directors are expected to set an example to the organization through their actions, actively leading the adoption of such rules and monitoring its application.


The rules defined in the bylaw must be accepted, understood and applied by all employees, despite of their work location and independently of their position within the organizational chart of the Company and of their specific functions or responsibilities.